Specialty & safety-critical systems

Safety case design

Short Term

We specialize in short term engagements. We will shy away from long term projects, but seek long term relationships.

Peer reviews, safety architecture, functional and technical safety concepts, specialty research and analysis.


With 26 years of industry experience at the OEM and Tier 1 level, we can support any safety-critical automotive system.

Systems engineering, safety analysis for automotive E/E systems.  Functional and system safety projects.

Autonomous Vehicle

We have worked for some of the largest AV companies, supporting mission critical projects and initiatives.

Safety case framework, safety case tooling, fail operational system designs, vehicle trajectory control

Professional Experience

David Stamm – CFSX

25+ years of automotive safety critical experience with OEMs, and Tier1. Architect of Safety Case Frameworks for two AV companies and numerous safety critical ECU designs.

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